Every American should have access to quality and affordable healthcare. I will fight to ensure that is a reality for the people of Pennsylvania’s 1st district. We cannot let Donald Trump and the Republican led congress play politics with our health. Republicans in Congress have attempted to repeal or sabotage the Affordable Care Act (ACA) over 70 times, and I say enough is enough.

I will work towards shoring up the ACA by stabilizing the marketplace, expanding access, and controlling costs. No one should be denied care because they have a pre-existing condition and seniors shouldn’t be deciding between their prescriptions or putting food on the table. I am ready to roll up my sleeves and get to work providing quality health care for Pennsylvanians. I am also open to any solution that will lower costs for Americans while not sacrificing quality of care. Bottom line, health care is a right.

The Opioid Epidemic has ravaged communities and brought grief to countless families here in Bucks and Montgomery Counties. For far too long, Pharmaceutical companies have mass-produced and promoted powerful painkillers with an eye on profit margins, rather than patients. It’s time for government regulators to get tough on the pharmaceutical industry, and for our criminal justice system to prioritize rehabilitation over incarceration. Additionally, we must take immediate steps to lower the cost of Narcan and create seven-day limits on the filling of opiate prescriptions. I will fight for and with the families battling this epidemic, because I know that lives depend on it.

I believe a woman’s medical decisions should always be between her and her doctor, period. Donald Trump and the Republican led congress are seeking to turn back the clock on women’s health by restricting access to contraception and stripping away funding for Planned Parenthood – which provides access to lifesaving cancer screenings and affordable healthcare to thousands of women right here in the 1st district. In Congress, I will be a loud and consistent voice fighting for women’s health.

After years of work in domestic violence, harassment, and assault, I have seen up close the devastating consequences of Congress’s failure to pass common sense gun safety legislation. As a veteran and a weapons-qualified officer, I know that automatic assault weapons do not belong on our streets.

As your representative, I will fight to pass universal background checks- closing loopholes for gun shows and private sales. I will ensure we have an updated assault weapons ban, and bans on high capacity magazines, bump stocks, and silencers. I will work to overturn the Dickey Amendment, that prevents the Center for Disease Control and Prevention from researching gun violence. I will fight to close the “boyfriend loophole” in the Lautenberg Amendment that enables unmarried partners charged with violent felonies to keep their weapons.

I will always stand with our students and teachers, who are fighting tirelessly to keep guns out of schools. As a mother, I know nothing is more precious than the lives of our children.

A strong economy is built on a strong and stable foundation — created by the hard-working Americans that are found right here in Pennsylvania’s 1st district. I’ve talked with many of these hard working families and they know the economy isn’t working the way it should. Incomes for middle class families are not keeping up with the cost of living, jobs are being shipped overseas, hard workers don’t have access to the training and skills they need to get new and better jobs, and the cost of healthcare has increased. All this while the top 1% of people own 38% of American wealth and that percentage keeps getting bigger and bigger.

As your Congresswoman, I will fight to make sure Washington D.C.’s plan for the economy is working for us here in Bucks and Montgomery Counties. I will focus on growing the economy and helping workers get better jobs, better pay, and better tools to succeed in the 21st century. When the American economy is working for everyday people, it will continue to thrive.

It all starts with raising wages and creating jobs: rebuilding our infrastructure, incentivizing small business growth, and ensuring a living wage for all Americans. Next, we need to focus on slowing aspects of the rising cost of living: reducing prescription drug costs, preventing corporations from becoming monopolies so that consumers have lower prices, providing affordable housing, and helping families struggling with childcare. Finally, we need to build an economy that gives everyone the tools to succeed: providing tax incentives to increase skills training and apprenticeships and making college more affordable.

I will also push to reform a system that too often benefits the special interests and the ultra-wealthy by reducing money in politics, increasing transparency and accountability in government, and reforming the tax code to reduce the tax burden on the middle class while closing tax loopholes for special interests and multinational corporations that send jobs overseas.

As a Navy veteran, I have stood beside my brothers and sisters in arms who fight everyday to keep our country safe. National security and our military will be one of my highest priorities in Congress.

It is critical that Congress reclaim its power and authorize a new use of military force. Congress’s abdication of this role has placed our all volunteer force at greater risk and allows Donald Trump and his administration to conduct national security operations with little oversight. Additionally, we must ensure that our Department of Defense receives all necessary funding to strengthen military readiness and secure the safety of our service members, while also guarding against the mismanagement of taxpayer dollars by the Pentagon. And finally, Congress must do everything in our power to ensure our President does not tweet us into another war.

Our veterans have given their all for our country and their care upon returning home should be of the highest quality and delivered with dignity and respect. Thanking them for their service is not enough. We must provide adequate programs to aid in the transition to civilian life – both job training and apprenticeships as well as mental health care and support groups. The rate of unemployment and homelessness among veterans is simply shameful. The veterans of Pennsylvania’s 1st district can be assured that I will always have their back.

I believe that every child, no matter how much their family earns, should have access to a world class education from pre-K through high school. That is why I adamantly disagree with the multi-millionaire Secretary of Education and her privatization agenda and will fight to protect Pennsylvania’s public schools. In Congress it will be a top priority to ensure adequate funding for our schools and ensure support for our educators so that every student has an opportunity to succeed.

Like so many Americans, I worked and took out loans to pay for my higher education. I will work hard to provide relief from the weight of student debt by enabling refinancing at lower rates and holding lenders accountable. I will also fight back against the Republican agenda and ensure that student loan interest deduction remains so everyone has a chance to pay down their loans and ensure graduate student tuition waivers are tax free, so not only the richest can pursue higher degrees.

I will also secure support for apprenticeship programs, give tax credit to companies that train new workers, and seek to expand partnerships between businesses and schools so that every Pennsylvanian, regardless of higher education, can have a successful career and provide for their families.

The scientific community couldn’t be clearer: climate change is real. This should not be a partisan issue, it is an environmental, economic, and security threat that we must address with ingenuity and determination. I will fight for meaningful steps towards ending our reliance on foreign fuels and transitioning to a clean energy future. In doing so, we will make our nation more independent from foreign governments and ultimately safer.

Unfortunately, Republicans in Congress have rolled back many of our environmental protections that safeguard our drinking water and preserve our air quality while Donald Trump has pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement, withdrawn from the Clean Power Plan, and gutted the Environmental Protection Agency. This is a crossroad moment for our country and we must stop this assault on environmental protections and fight for the future of a greener and cleaner Pennsylvania. When polluters are allowed to go unchecked, they put the lives of our children at risk.

I believe in fair districts for Pennsylvania and across the country. We need an independent, non-partisan redistricting reform at the federal and state level to ensure fairly drawn districts that respect communities and value each and every vote equally. It’s time to end gerrymandering on both sides of the aisle.